Covid-19 Schutzmaßnahmen

Covid measures

Your safety is very important to us!

We use high quality cleaning and disinfecting agents
Employees receive regular training and checklists for the necessary measures
Staff in contact with guests wear masks


A protective wall is installed in the reception
After each stay, the apartments are thoroughly cleaned with high-quality cleaning agents
The apartments are equipped with full kitchens – the use of common rooms is not necessary
The rules of conduct are clearly visible at all entrances and in the apartments

Coffee shop

We ask that you only wear a mouth and nose protection when entering the cafe
The number of tables on the terrace has been reduced in order to be able to keep the minimum distances safely, you can also use the tables in the garden
In the cafe, Plexiglass protective walls are installed between the tables
The table linen is changed after each guest and the table is disinfected
The cafe is aired regularly
Frequently touched surfaces of the common areas are cleaned particularly often
Disinfectants are available in all common areas in cafes, toilets and entrance areas


Breakfast is served individually, each guest receives their own tray with their breakfast.

Breakfast buffet

If the breakfast buffet has been set up, we ask you to wear mouth and nose protection when you are not at the table
At the beginning of the buffet you will find disinfectants for cleaning your hands
The dishes are individually filled (muesli, fruit salad, yoghurt, …) or are under protective covers
Cutlery for removing food is only to be used once (once) and then placed in the designated shelf

Stay healthy!