View to the East

Die Burg und die Kirche von Heinfels

Each apartment has access to a balcony / loggia from every room. From the balconies of the apartments on the east side you can see the castle and the village center of Heinfels.

These are the apartments “die. burg heinfels”, “die.schlossmühle”, “die.punbrugge” und “die.sillianer hütte”. The balconies are separated from each other to preserve privacy. The apartments on the east side let the warm morning sun into the apartments.

Legend Burg Heimfels

Below the castle, a secret passage leads from the castle down to today’s Burgheimfels guest house. In this passage the castle treasure is hidden behind iron doors. At full moon you have to enter this corridor, then 2 dogs with fiery eyes will bring the key to the doors of the treasure chamber.