View to the West

Dorfzentrum von Sillian mit der Kirche

Each apartment has access to a balcony / loggia from every room. From the balconies of the western apartments on the first and the second floor you can see the village center of Sillian. In the background lie the mountain peaks of Vierschach / Innichen in the evening sun.

The apartments “der.haunold”, “der.thurntaler”, “die.leckfeldalm” und “der.helm” have balconies to the west.

The balconies are separated from each other to preserve your privacy.
The valley leads west, following the sun. In the evening, you can have a long time sunbathing on the balcony.


Sillian is located at 1103m above sea level. On an area of 36km² live about 2100 inhabitants. Sillian is the main town of the so-called East Tirol Oberland. The Italian border is only a few kilometers to the west. Due to this proximity, various smugglers’ paths led across the mountains to Italy.


The oldest documented mention dates back to the year 1000. Since 1313 the village Sillian appears. Ecclesiastically, Sillian belonged to the important Sanctuary. Sillian received market rights from the Count of Gorizia in 1469.

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