View to the South

Blick auf den Berg Helm


Each apartment has a loggia and two balconies facing south-east or west. You see the Carnic Ridge with the summit of the helmet right in front of you.
These are the apartments “die.leckfeldalm”, “der.helm”, “die.punbrugge”, “die.sillianer hütte”, “die.drei zinnen”.


The balconies to the other apartments are separated from each other to keep your privacy.


The apartments are very sunny and bright, you also enjoy the balconies / loggias.

The view of the Karnische Höhenweg takes you to the Leckfeld Alm or to the Sillian mountain hut on the mountain range. The Hüttenwirt of the Leckfeld Alm operates a taxi, which you can use. With this you can comfortably reach Leckfeld at 1900m altitude and from there walk to the Sillian hut (2400m).

The huts are not directly visible on the picture, they are hidden by mountains.

In the evening you end the day on the balcony / loggia of your apartment with a glass of wine.


Brückenwirt is very easy to reach and central. The road lies behind a planted hill and therefore does not disturb.

The cafe of the house on the ground floor is closed in the evening, so it is quiet in the house in the evening.